Did you know that there aren't many churches who are helping their struggling neighbors during COVID?  We assumed everyone was doing that they could, but we were informed recently that a lot of places are now closed where help was available.  That makes our food drives even more critical.

Some of the people who depend on the Blessing Boxes around the Lockport area have homes so they can prepare the food, but others may be homeless.  As you select food to contribute, please be sure there is some that are easy to open and could be eaten directly from the can.   This time of year hearty, warming foods are most needed.  And sweets are a treat for everyone occasionally.  If items are packed in individual servings, the outer package can be opened and shared by more at the Blessing Boxes!!  Again, thank you for supporting this most heartening endeavor!!!!  


THIS MONTH'S 2ND SATURDAY EVENT (April 10th 11am to 1 pm) 

Each month, we have a Food Drive on the Second Saturday.  During COVID many of the organizations that serve those with food insecurities have closed.  The food we gather has become critical to the survival of many residents of Lockport and the surrounding area.

Did you know that our Food Drives are getting positive attention for Christ Church?  People from the community see the food drive on our sign and stop with donations.  People think of Christ Church when they have something they would like to donate.  We get calls from people with clothing or houehold items when they want the items to be free for the next owner.  We will also accept monetary donations (please make checks payable to Christ Church with "Pet Food" on the memo line) for the Pet Food Pantry.  And, of course, we will be collecting non-perishable food for the Lockport Blessing Boxes or checks to Christ Church (make payable to Christ Church with "Outreach" on the memo line). 

There is a need for more protein (canned tuna or chicken, small canned hams, spam, hash, chili, hearty meat soups, meat ravioli, beans, peanut butter and jelly, etc.)  However, we still need a variety of items and will gladly accept all donations!!! 

If you are able to help with these drives, please contact the church office and they will direct you to Gloria Bryant.  Thank you!!


Our donations of non-perishable food items in the next few months will also be used for these purposes:

1.  The Blessing Boxes in for whoever needs it.

2.  Helping a few families in Christ Church who are experiencing food insecurities.

3.  The Agri-Center where the migrant workers seek assistance of all sorts.  This year because of COVID the migrants are forced to stay here even though there is no work for them now.  They are not prepared for northern winters or extended periods without pay.  These are the same folks who would normally come for our Christmas Outreach before they headed south to their next job.

4.  Local Pet Food pantry

We also try to support Brother's Keeper when we are able.

Please consider what non-perishable items you might contribute to help our neighbors.  The need is great!  What a blessing to be able to share what we have been given!!!!

Some hearty, healthy meals needed every month:   spaghetti sauce and pasta, hearty soups, canned meals, canned meats, cereal , canned veggies and potatoes, mac and cheese.  There is a constant need for peanut butter and jelly and personal care items.  THANK YOU!!!!





EMPTY BLESSINGS BOXES:  Lately the Blessing Boxes in the parking lot behind Emmanuel United Methodist Church at East Ave. & Washburn Sts. in Lockport have been empty a lot.  If you can occasionally leave some non-perishable food or water you will be helping feed the hungry in Lockport.  Just drive up, place your food in the box and drive away.  Thank You!!!!

Suggested items needed:

canned veggies and fruit, dry/canned soup, dry pasta and pasta sauce, instant potatoes, any "add water" mixes, juice, iced tea, coffee, cookies and crackers, canned meals, rice, beans, mac & cheese, drink boxes, PB & J, instant oatmeal, jello, pudding cups