The vestry has approved a new project to upgrade our organ.  We have two pledges for memorial donations, and we are accepting more contributions.  A plaque will list the memorials.  Please speak to Father Thomas Mitchell if you would like to contribute or Tim McQueen if you have questions about the organ.

When the organ was built, one set of pipes, the ones that sound like trumpets, weren't quite the right size and needed to be modified to work with our organ.  As a result, they don't stay in tune very well.  The pipes were further damaged by water when a heating coil ruptured and soaked the pipes with steam.  We are going to replace that set of pipes.  Once the new pipes are installed, we plan to sell the existing pipes to help fund the project.

Just think...the trumpet fanfares Tim plays will be even more magnificent, and you can help make it happen!!


Handbell Choir


The Adult Handbell Choir plays twice each month at the 10:30 am Sunday serrvice and practices every other Monday at 6 pm.

New multi-colored children's handbells have been purchased for children 3 and up.  The young people will be asked to come up to the front of the church occassionally at a 10:30 am service where they will play from color coded and numbers music sheets!!





This dedicated group is made up of parishioners who lead the congregation in song at the 10:30 am service and practice each Thursday at 7 pm.