Christmas Food Distribution to Those in Need

This is our very special outreach program to collect and assemble items necessary for complete meals including turkeys for as many families as possible.  Usually enough food is collected for multiple meals for each.  This past year over 50 families benefited!!

Mitten Tree

Mittens and gloves, scarves and hats are collected all year and given to those who need them.  This winter has been an especially frigid one and more items are needed, so...keep them coming!!

Christmas for our Soldiers!

Our active service members around the world enjoy decorating their quarters in celebration of Christmas. Following is a list of some of the things they could use:  (All donations must be in by October 15 each year so that they receive them in time!)                                "Deck the Halls"

Small Christmas stockings                             Garland

Imitation trees and non-aerosol snow             Lights

Ornaments                                                Scented candles

Pine cones                                                Nutcracker

Christmas movies                                       Blanket throws

Hard candy                                               Mixed nuts

Holiday coffee & creamer                             Hot cocoa pkgs.

Summer sausage (vacuum packed)                Popcorn balls

Caramel corn                                             Cider Pkgs.

Small wrapped pkgs. of gum, mints, small items to put under the tree

PLEASE REMEMBER:  Anything used, opened, in an aerosol can, breakable, chocolate or soft candy CANNOT be accepted.

On behalf of the Outreach Committee Thank You & God Bless You!!