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(Check out the Current Events page...much is happening with Outreach and we need your help!!  Go there to learn more about the Blessing Boxes that need to be filled each day with non-pershable foods, personal items and the pet food need and when and where you can donate...thank you!!!!)





Reopening Christ Church
Are you wondering what we are doing these days as we gather for worship?
The uncertanty we all feel isn’t surprising when you consider all the changes we
have experienced in the last 15 months. We were shut down completely, then
we worshipped in the parking lot even when we were freezing, next we had
drive-in church with services online, on April 18th we gathered for our first inperson worship. We continue to gather and we continue to stream the services
to YouTube, but the way we gather continues to change as the CDC, NY State
and Diocesan guidelines evolve based on the current COVID situation.
What are we doing now?

• We no longer need to pre-register (thanks to Pat Few for taking care of
the registrations for us when it was necessary).
• We still need to maintain a list of those who are present each week in
case it should be necessary to do COVID tracing, so please come in
through the red doors (or stop by the narthex on the way to your seat)
and sign the attendance sheet. The bulletins are available in the
narthex also.
• From here it gets more complicated: we need to provide a safe
environment for everyone, vaccinated and unvaccinated alike.
▪ For anyone who is not completely vaccinated (i.e. it is at least two
weeks after your second Moderna or Pfizer shot or two weeks after
your single Johnson & Johnson shot), please sit on the right side of
the church as you face the altar. The guidelines state that
unvaccinated must wear their masks at all times and maintain at
least six-foot distances from all those who are not in your
household. Please do not sit in the pews that are marked with “Not
this row” tags on the arms of the pew – they are there to help
maintain safe distancing. Fully vaccinated people may also sit on
the right as long as they maintain safe distancing.
▪ If you are fully vaccinated and you wish to, you may sit on the left
side of the church facing the altar. Fully vaccinated are not
required to wear a mask except when singing and safe distancing is
not a requirement as the CDC no longer feels it is necessary when
with other fully vaccinated people.

Please follow the above guidelines so we can
safely gather for worship. Thank you.





Wouldn't it be nice to pray with the Christ Church family?  Well now you can.  And if you need prayers, please know that you are being prayed for by your church family.  We have designated 9 am to 10 am and 7 pm to 8 pm as the times we will pray together.  Just take a moment to focus yourself to God and as you go about your regular activities be in prayer for whatever you need to pray for.  You might be shopping and praying for those on our prayer list, or cleaning and giving thanks or working on a computer and asking God to give you strength to face your challenges.  Please join us for these special times of prayer and also feel free to pray anytime as you need/wish to.





The Vestry decided to sign up for PayPal so we can now take credit cards.  In the future we will also be able to accept credit cards at fundraisers.

Now we need your help.  If you are financially able to contribute while we practice social distancing, that would help Christ Church pay the bills.  Please note:  do not feel you must contribute now...we want to be sure you can also cover your own personal bills.  Pledges are not bills...they are a best guess of what we can do for our church.  We all have things come up nd sometimes we can't give as we would like to.  Our church has some investments.  The Vestry tries not to use them (they are for a rainy day), but we can if we need to.  This is a difficult stretch to manage for many of us, but Christ Church is not close to going under.

If you feel you can safely help, there are two options for making contributions:

  • You can write a check and send it to Christ Church, or

  • You can contribute using your credit card or PayPal on this website.  Go to:


Once you go into the website, click on the Donate button below the picture of Christ Church.  You'll be transferred to PayPal where you will enter the amount you wish to donate, and your payment information.

(If you are not a member of PayPal, go to and the set-up is easy!!) 




May we who are merely inconvenienced, remember those whose lives are  at stake.

May we who have no risk factors remember those most vulnerable.

May those who have the luxury of working from home remember those  who must choose between preserving their health or making their rent.

May those who have the flexibility to care for our children when schools  close remember those who have no options.

May we who have to cancel a trip remember those who have no safe place  to go.

May we who are losing our margin money in the tumult of the economic  market remember those who have no margin at all.

May those who settle for quarantine at home remember those who don't  have a home.

As fear grips our country, let us choose love during this time when we  cannot physically wrap our arms around each other.  Let us find ways to  be the loving embrace to God and our neighbor.

--Prayer by Cameron Wiggins Bellm




(NOTE:  This program will continue after quarantine is lifted)

On Saturday afternoons, Bill Bisher and Cambridge Urtel lead a group of kids from the Lockport Community Summer Program.  The kids range in age from four to sixteen.  These kids asked if there was some way they could continue to meet with their friends and the adults who coached the summer programs once school started again.  Bill and Cambridge assembled additional adults to help supervise and submitted their plan to the Vestry.  Now the kids meet for outdoor sports and indoor games and all kids are welcome.  There are snacks and always the adults are there for the kids to supervise and encourage.

Lockport kids don't often have an advantage like this, so let's support our kids and be thankful they are making a connection with Christ Church, even if it isn't on Sunday mornings.  At some time in the future they may need a church and they will know we are here and ready to welcome them!!



Work is still going forward on the Commemorative Walk to the Bell Tower.  The walk is made of engraved's the perfect opportunity to give thanks for your blessings.  It might be someone you loved who has passed away or the birth of a grandchild or the blessing of your family.  It can be whatever blessings you are thankful for.

  If you would like to have a brick, please fill out an order form and return it to Christ Church with the payment.  (Contact Christ Church 716-433-9229 for a form)  Please complete a separate form for each brick you would like.  Engraved bricks are available for $50 each.  If you have questions, please contact Sue Bauer (716-7278776 or




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