Greetings from Father Thomas

We are so glad that you found our site!  There are as many reasons as there are people as to why individuals look for and come to a church.  No one reason is any better than another, so whatever brought you to us be assured that we are happy that you are here!!

You will find that we are an eclectic group of individuals made up of all shapes and sizes and backgrounds.  Some of us are conservative, some liberal; some are cradle Episcopalians while others of us have had a more circuitous path and come from various denominational backgrounds.  We all carry with us the scars of life, but what joins us together and serves as our common ground is our desire to know and follow Jesus!

So regardless of what brought you here, or what "baggage" you carry, know that you are welcome and we invite you to come along on our journey of faith!!

The Rev. Thomas J. Mitchell




Finally, the calendar reads MAY.  It is the goal of every college academic year to just make it to MAY!  And this year one felt the need to reach May more than ever, like the exhausted swimmer aching to reach the shore...and safety...because May also marks the time when college students part company:  for some with summer jobs and making extra money while still recharging one's human batteries and reconnecting with family.  As the days dwindle down towards graduation one hears the call to 'keep in touch' or 'let's stay connected'; the lasting farewells as another academic year joins the archives of history.

For the rest of us, May marks the antechamber of summer...a collective time to relax with family and friends and if we are lucky to take a vacation, be it local or away.

BUT...the challenge of separation is to experience new tomorrows without loosing contact with yesterday.  And that is true in our spiritual life also; we want to experience new avenues of spiritual growth without forgetting our roots and from whence we come.

AND YET human experience teaches us that whether we leave home to go to college or a new job or marriage, we can never really go back as Thomas Wolfe reminds us in his novel of the same name.  That is good and joyful as we celebrate new beginnings; it is also painful as we consider that we can never go back to the way things were...ever.  Paul says 'When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child.  But when I grew up, I put away childish things.'  Indeed.

May marks Mother's Day and Memorial Day when we remember those who secured our life...and in some cases gave their life literally so that we might live.  We can never repay them for what they sacrificed on our behalf, we can only honor their gift by living lives of integrity and building life-giving relationships of love.  May reminds us to keep in touch, if only in memory.

Jesus echoes this truth when he tells us to stay connected to him even as we go forth to bear much fruit.  In fact, we will only bear fruit, he says, if we stay connected to him.  We must keep moving toward the Kingdom by living lives in accordance with the Kingdom even while we are on earth; we are to love God and Neighbor and build lasting relationships with God and one another.

As we move toward the summer and transition to our non-winter schedules of rest and relaxation, let us not lose sight of our faith-life and what we need to refresh and renew in it.

Let us remember from whence we have come and those who gifted us with life and provided us with an opportunity to grow in body and soul.  Let us remember those who have secured our national life and made it possible for us to seek our dreams.  Let us remember God who gave his Son that we might have life to the full.  And wherever we go, let us never lose sight of who we are and whose we are.  Thanks be to God it's MAY...finally!!


Fr. Thomas