Greetings from Father Thomas

We are so glad that you found our site!  There are as many reasons as there are people as to why individuals look for and come to a church.  No one reason is any better than another, so whatever brought you to us be assured that we are happy that you are here!!

You will find that we are an eclectic group of individuals made up of all shapes and sizes and backgrounds.  Some of us are conservative, some liberal; some are cradle Episcopalians while others of us have had a more circuitous path and come from various denominational backgrounds.  We all carry with us the scars of life, but what joins us together and serves as our common ground is our desire to know and follow Jesus!

So regardless of what brought you here, or what "baggage" you carry, know that you are welcome and we invite you to come along on our journey of faith!!

The Rev. Thomas J. Mitchell



Anyone who has gone on a trip will identify with giving last minute instructions to those who will be carrying out the day-to-day responsibilities at home.  The gospel readings of the last few Sundays represent Jesus' last-minute instructions to his disciples as he prepares to return to his Father.  Specifically, on Trinity Sunday we heard Jesus tell his disciples:  "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you.  And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age."

I have been thinking about how to translate those instructions in a practical way for our faith community at Christ Church.

It seems that there are three areas that we would focus on as a way of following Jesus' instructions and that would help us grow into a more robust community of faith.  The three areas that I see emerging are:  Worship, Spiritual Formation, and Outreach.  Under each of these headings would be specific activities that would expand these areas into concrete expressions of our connection to Jesus' mission.  For example:  Worship encompasses more than just Sunday Eucharist; it also includes taking Communion to those who are hospitalized or homebound, prayer ministry, etc.  Spiritual Formation is developing our relationship with God and others.  It would encompass Sunday School, Scripture Study, evenings of reflection, weekend retreats, etc.  And from these two fonts flow Outreach, which is not limited to our Christmas Food Drive but includes, Episcopal Relief and Development, Stephens Ministries, Narcotics Anonymous, Dental Clinic, etc.

So, start thinking of our opportunities that would promote Jesus' mission and in which you would like to be active.  Because Christ Church doesn't exist for us only but for the whole community.  Remember, if we ceased to exist and the community didn't notice, we are not following our marching orders!!


Fr. Thomas +