Greetings from Father Thomas

We are so glad that you found our site!  There are as many reasons as there are people as to why individuals look for and come to a church.  No one reason is any better than another, so whatever brought you to us be assured that we are happy that you are here!!

You will find that we are an eclectic group of individuals made up of all shapes and sizes and backgrounds.  Some of us are conservative, some liberal; some are cradle Episcopalians while others of us have had a more circuitous path and come from various denominational backgrounds.  We all carry with us the scars of life, but what joins us together and serves as our common ground is our desire to know and follow Jesus!

So regardless of what brought you here, or what "baggage" you carry, know that you are welcome and we invite you to come along on our journey of faith!!

The Rev. Thomas J. Mitchell



What a difference a day makes!  As I sit contemplating the content of this month's article, I look out the window and see a cloudless blue sky and brilliant sunshine reflecting off pure white snow.  Through that same window I saw nothing but snow and blizzard like conditions for the past two-and-one half days.  Such is the fickleness of Mother Nature and the rhythm of life.  So, too, in the life of the church's year, we find ourselves in between the joy and star-lit night of Christmas Eve and the gathering dark, foreboding skies of Good Friday.  As always, we, as human beings and followers of the Christ, are caught between life and death.

As I pondered that truth, I wondered how we might bring the joy and promise found in the birth of the Savior into the heaviness of Lent and Holy Week.  And I kept going back to the visit of Ft. Bruce Torre's visit and his story of the family who lived atop a garbage dump.  And I thought...could we really build a family like that a house?

While the weather may have been frightening the last few ays, we were safe and cozy in our houses with food and water.  We are truly blessed!!  But while we may be secure, it does not mean that everyone else has that luxury.  We have all the necessities of life and for that we give thanks to God!

But how are we doing in the basics of our spiritual lives??  How can we give real expression to our love of God and neighbor??  How can we push our spiritual boundaries and move beyond our comfort zone into the expanse and life-giving reality of love??  What if we were to spend our Lent moving out into the riskiness of living the Good News of God revealed in Jesus??

Jesus taught a lot about the poor and our responsibilities toward them.  And the early followers of Jesus made care of the poor a hallmark of their faith.  So, what if we were to do the same??  What if we were to spend our Lenten season raising funds to build a house for our brothers and sisters who have none, so that they might know the security and warmth that we know.  The cost of such a house through Food for the Poor is $3,600.00.  But I have good news.  Someone has assured Food for the Poor that he or she will match all monies raised for housing during Lent up to $100,000.00.  That means that if we can raise $1,800.00, this individual will match our amount and we will have enough to build a house for our brothers and sisters.  And when Easter arrives, we will be able to truly rejoice; for we will have shown our love for God and neighbor by becoming more like the Lord Jesus in our care for the poor and we will have made a real difference in the lives of one family!  Alleliua!!


Where charity and love prevail, there God is ever found; Brought here together by Christ's love, by love are we thus bound.

With grateful joy and holy fear His charity we learn; Let us with heart and mind and soul now love Him in return.

                                                                                Hymn: Ubi Caritas, tr. Omer Westendorf (1961)


Fr. Thomas