For the month of August, the Outreach Committee is asking for donations of boxed cereal, shampoo, bar soap, toothpaste, tooth brushes, deodorant and canned meals such as spaghettios, ravioli, etc.  Items may be left in the baskets in the Cloister and Narthex at church!!


 All parishioners, families, friends and neighbors are invited to join the the summer weekday service at Brookside Chapel located at the corner of Day Rd. and Slayton Sett. Rd. in the Town of Lockport on Wednesday, Aug. 17th at 7 pm.  Dessert and beverages will be served following the service!!

Father Joseph Kozlowski will preside at the service with several parishes coming together.  Christ Church will host the gathering following the service.

Carpooling may be arranged from the Christ Church parking lot by calling Joyce at the church 433-9229.

We would also appreciate volunteers who could bring a plate of cookies or dessert bars...let Robin Kozlowski know if you can help with this  reo55@roadrunner.com...thanks!!!



On Sept. 11th at the 8 am and 10:30 am services. let us join together for a "fresh start" as a parish community.  Further details will follow on the Sunday "happenings" inserts and the September Harvest newsletter.

School supplies

As in past years, the Liturgy and Outreach Committees will sponsor a school supply collection to assist the children of Lockport.  The donated supplies will be blessed at the "Fresh Start" services.

If you would like to begin purchasing school supplies during the August sales, these items are especially needed:

Pocket folders, markers, notebook paper (wide rule) crayons, 3-ring binders (1" & 2"), pencil boxes, composition notebooks, glue sticks,pens (blue/black ink) #2 pencils and colored pencils, erasers (cap & pink ones), inexpensive ear buds/headphones.  Also single-serve snacks (not requiring silverware), such as:  granola bars, chips, pretzels, cookies.

Special collection bins will be placed at the entrances to church by mid-August.  Thank you!!!!


Thank you to everyone who had their photo taken for our new directory!  The church directory serves many purposes, one of which helps new families get to know us a little easier.  Thanks again!!!!






Sept. 11th - "Fresh Start" Sunday 8 am & 10:30 am

Oct. 2nd - "All Creatures Great & Small"  Join in the celebration of all of God's creation and creatures.  Blessing of animals will take place at noon.  More details next month!!

Oct. 28-30 - Diocesan Convention

                     UTO Ingathering is in October and monies collected are presented at convention.  The United Thank Offering is an on-going gathering of coins showing our thankfulness for blessings that come our way during the year.  UTO is not a drive or fundraiser but an offering of each of us in appreciation of our many blessings.

Now is the time to be placing coins of thankfulness into a "blue box" or any container each time you feel gratitude or happiness in your life.

Nov. 6th - All Saints Day (observed)

Nov. 13th - Veterans Day (observed)

Nov. 23rd - "Now Thank We All Our God"








Altar Frontal


Hanging dove with streamers




Getting ready in the Narthex


Flying fast and high!!

Whoa...that dove has a life of its own!!

Doves at rest after a long procession!!





Easter 2016

The butterfly emerges!!!!


During the month of April, the Outreach Committee will continue to welcome donations of warm socks, mitten/gloves, hats, granola bars and small bottles of water.  These items will be used to prepare Care Bags which can be distributed to homeless persons or those in need.  The bags will be available in the cloister.  Anyone who feels comfortable to take a bag or two to keep in their car to give to someone when the need arises, is invited to do so!

Also...We are still accepting donations of pet food, kitty litter and other pet needs for the Pet Food Pantry at Grace Church.

Don't forget...we are sending care packages to our troops on a regular basis.  A list of appreciated items can be found near the collection totw in the Cloister!!!



As Lent continued, we watched for a cocoon to appear near the Altar...and then watched each week to see what happened to the cocoon.  Is that a little crack?  Is the crack growing bigger?  Is there something inside the cocoon?  Guess what happened on Easter Sunday!  (And it did...see the photo above...)

Our young people learned about this in Sunday School and made butterflies to decorate the Altar for Easter Sunday.  We encouraged everyone in our congregation to help our young people experience the transformation of Lent at a level they may understand.  The symbolism of the cocoon and butterflies applies to our young people and the rest of us too! 

The cocoon represents a dark, safe, dealed place to stay warm and insulated from the world outside.  The gradual cracking open of the cocoon represents our willingness to do the hard work of transforming (growing and changing) over the weeks of Lent so that we may leave the darkness of the cocoon, step out in faith and enter into the light of the Risen Christ.

How do we break out of the warmth and safety of our private "cocoon"?  Are we afraid of the brilliant light that awaits our transformation from inside our "cocoon" to the world outside?  Do these questions give us pause?  Bring us a feeling of discomfort or fear?  Although we each must answer these questions for ourselves, we are invited to learn, grow, seek forgiveness and allow ourselves to be transformed...individually and together as a faith community.

Be not afraid.  We are not alone.  Our God...Father, Son and Holy Spirit...is with us always, with every step we take as we travel together through Lent and beyond. 

Each Sunday of Lent, we were invited to pray, listen, observe and experience the Liturgy together...and then...finished this sentence together as we ventured toward the "new", the light, the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday!

First Sunday in Lent

  Third Sunday in Lent


Fifth Sunday in Lent


Palm Sunday








                                                                                                         Chrismon Tree





Every month we asked for specific items to be gathered for our Christmas Outreach.  The response has been wonderful and we thank you very much.  50 to 75 families will receive multiple bags of groceries on Sunday, December 13th due to your help.  It's not too late to give a gift of money as there are still items to buy AND THE PROJECT IS ONGOING 12 MONTHS OF THE YEAR!  Donations can be brought to the church or sent (checks made out to Christ Church).  Again THANK YOU!!!!

The military donation project has also been going well and several boxes have already been sent...




The Faith Community of Christ Church celebrated the beauty of God's creation and all of God's creatures with special services at 8 am and 10:30 am on Sunday, Oct. 4th, followed by a Blessing of the Animals at Noon!  Children brought their favorite stuffed animal for a Blessing as well!!


 Fr. Sam blessing some really cute puppies!!



"Fresh Start to the New School Year"

The annual Back Pack Drive was held on Sunday, September 13th.  Items to fill these back packs were donated in abundance...a VERY BIG THANK YOU to all!!!!                                                                                                        The following items were received:

highlighters, erasers (cap & "pink" ones), notebook paper (wide rule), inexpensive ear buds/headphones, underwear (for boys and girls sizes 6, 7 & 8 (in new, unopened pkgs), childrens socks (also  new and unopened) and for older students:  notebooks, folders (with pockets) and pens, plus several new backpacks!!

Special collection bins were placed at the entrances of the church!





On Wed. June 17th, Great food, including:  hotdogs, pulled pork, BBQ beef, salads, baked beans, strawberry shortcake, beverages, a wonderful bake sale and much, much more were enjoyed by a record crowd in attendance!

All were entertained by the Lock City Glee Club and the Lockport Chorale! 






 Christ Church